National Geographic Giving Equal Time to Truthers, Why Not Global Warming Realists?

I just watched a special where National Geographic debunked 9/11 Truther conspiracies. They actually spent quite a bit of money and time doing this. Essentially, NatGeo put the arguments, if you can even call them that, side-by-side between what everyone knows happened on 9/11 and the absurd explanations of insane. Then it talked about their strengths and weaknesses. Well, the weakness of the Truther’s argument is that they are wrong.

However, if National Geographic can spend this much time, and give this much respect to the Truthers, for the love of god why can’t they finally do a real debate on global warming?

First of all, the global warming realists are at least reputable scientists and economists around the globe. Moreover, more Americans are starting to agree that global warming is a total sham, especially when compared to the Truther conspiracies.

It is actually quite embarrassing when one thinks about the fact that a handful of lunatics get airtime for their arguments to be debunked. But, people who are against the total revamping of the economy are now considered to have a clinical disorder according to the American psychological association.

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Everything is upside down.

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