Nationalized Healthcare Uncovers “Racists”

In case you’re not overloaded with reasons to oppose socialized medicine, here’s one more: When government controls healthcare, you could be branded as a “racist” for wanting a doctor who speaks the native language. From progressive Sweden:

A woman has reported a hospital in western Sweden to national authorities after discovering she and her husband had been described as racists in their son’s medical records. …

Three years ago, when the son was five months old, the woman rushed the boy to the hospital in an ambulance. At the hospital, they encountered a foreign doctor whom the woman was unable to understand. She asked to see a Swedish-speaking doctor, and her request was granted.

When she recently requested her son’s medical journal, she read that she and her husband had were described as racists in the notations.

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Needless to say, once you’ve been flagged as a “racist” in the medical database, you aren’t going to be first in line for a transplant.

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