Network Executives Get No Pity

Losing $40 million to host the Obama gab-fests? Turning into a big propaganda arm for the Leftist government? Selling your soul and your credibility to be pals with your ideological hero? Poor, poor television networks.

If the major networks go over the economic edge because their lips are forever locked on the President’s butt, may they all go down in a ball of flames together. That network executives said yes for fear of being out of favor with this administration speaks volumes about not only the President’s tactics but about their own ideological bent.

Like I said way back, he conducts press conferences like he’s daring any reporter to ask a tough question. They will comply or they will be cut off. He holds the power and the reporters better acknowledge it by obsequious behavior….or else. There is always a threat inferred or implied when dealing with Barack Obama.

In short, spare me the crocodile tears. The networks essentially told President Bush to Eff Off for eight years and coverage was anything but fair–it was nearly always hostile. Ironically, President Bush respected the networks’ profit needs. And now, Obama acts, surprise!, entitled to network time whenever he wants it. And the networks do not deny him. They dare not–as if they want deny him anyway. They desire to please the master, so they comply, willingly.

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