New Europe Rules — France Drools

France Drools — New Europe Rules: Tony Blankley is furious with France because they recently threatened to block several nations in “New Europe” from enterting the EU over their support for the US…

“Adding hypocrisy to thuggery, the French president lectured Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary that they should have “a minimum of understanding for the others” in an organization to which they would belong. This from a country that perversely measures her own glory by her capacity to betray a friend and ally.”

Then Blankley lets us know what he really thinks,

“It is worth recalling that while French soldiers were throwing down their rifles in 1940 as the Germans advanced, the flower of Polish manhood charged into the invading Nazi tanks on horseback in the last and most gallant cavalry charge in history. Of course, they were killed to the last man. While the Poles were dying with their boots on, the French were living on their knee-pads (during which, they cheerfully ferreted out and shipped their French Jews off to the German death camps). How dare the French attempt to blackmail the Poles – of all peoples. (And the Czechs and Slovaks who they helped to sell out at Munich.”

Blankley concludes with this paragraph,

“If and when the French people throw out their current government and elect one which respects its neighbors and friends, we should certainly attempt to have useful and cordial relations with that government. Until then, we should not only not seek their support on Iraq. We should deny them the honor of joining in our cause. No blackmailers should rally under freedom’s banner.”

I agree that we should not allow French troops anywhere near Iraq, no matter what Chirac does at this point. We may have to do business with nations like China, Saudi Arabia, & France but, let’s not confuse them with nations that are our friends.

***Update***: Jonah Goldberg has written a spot-on editorial about the French, Clinton, and appeasement that I’d strongly recommend you read. Here’s my favorite quote from Goldberg’s article…

“So when I hear the French insist that we must stay the course with inspections and the status quo, I see a French officer on a sinking ship fomenting mutiny against the American captain. The Frenchman doesn’t much care if the ship is sinking, or on fire, or overrun with pirates. He just wants to make sure he’s in charge – not some hotshot American with crazy ideas about how we should actually solve the problem at hand.”

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