New Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Membership Cards

New Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Membership Cards: After I welcomed Michele from a Small Victory to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, she came up with the idea of creating a VRWC membership card. You can see what some of them look like here.

Well today, one of our readers named James Corbett offered up a couple of smaller, alternate designs for VRWC cards.

These membership cards will get you into the Republican National convention, onto skull island (where we keep the clones, the aliens in jars, and the black helicopters), and these cards will keep you out of the detention camps we’re setting up next month for all the liberals using provision A12B of the Patriot Act….

Wait a second…Kissenger is beeping me…one second….what? No…there’s no reason why…but you said…no there’s no need to send a Predator to hover over my apartment until I take out the trash I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Ok, I was just “kidding” about the detention camps — OR WAS I? MUHUHAHAHAHAHAH — d@mn — Kissenger is beeping me again — It was all a big joke. Forget about it……

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