New York Times Finds A Way To Blame America For Honduras

Leave it to the Grey Lady. Not only is she sticking up for Dear Leader, but they manage to blame America Past for what happened last week in Honduras

President Obama on Monday strongly condemned the ouster of Honduras’s president as an illegal coup that set a “terrible precedent” for the region, as the country’s new government defied international calls to return the toppled president to power and clashed with thousands of protesters.

And, yet, it wasn’t an “illegal coup,” as the Times points out later in the story. It was the removal of a leftist president, Manuel Zelaya (replaced with another leftist fellow of Zelaya’s own party,) who was attempting to subvert the Honduran Constitution by forcing a vote to allow him more terms as president – similar to Chavez, ruled illegal by their Supreme Court. Very basic overview. Even his own Party has come down on the opposite side of Zelaya multiple times (more info from Q&O and the queen of this story, Fausta.) It’s a shame the military had to get involved in such a manner, but, different country, different methods, and it appears that their military was supposed to get involved.

“We do not want to go back to a dark past,” Mr. Obama said, in which military coups override elections. “We always want to stand with democracy,” he added.

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Then why were you meddling in their affairs and coming down on the side of Zelaya? Why did it take you so long to make tepid remarks when Iran was burning?

The crisis in Honduras, where members of the country’s military abruptly awakened President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday and forced him out of the country in his bedclothes, is pitting Mr. Obama against the ghosts of past American foreign policy in Latin America.

The United States has a history of backing rival political factions and instigating coups in the region, and administration officials have found themselves on the defensive in recent days, dismissing repeated allegations by President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela that the C.I.A. may have had a hand in the president’s removal.

And there you have it: the Blame America First mentality. Except for those two paragraphs, the rest of the story, 21 paragraphs in all including the 4 above, is about the Obama admin meddling and trying to tell them what to do. So, to what point is the headline “In a Coup in Honduras, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies“? To what point are those two paragraphs, other then to paint the United States as a past bad guy?

But, considering the amount of meddling the Obama admin. was involved going back to early June, maybe the headline should read “In a Constitutional Presidential Removal, Ghosts of Current anti-Constitutional Leftist U.S. Policies.”

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton states that the U.S. government was holding off in calling it a coup. Sorry, Hillary, too late. President Neophyte has already spoken that it was, and that Zelaya is still Honduras’ president in Dear Leader’s eyes. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when Hillary discusses President Neophyte with Billy Jeff?

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