Newsflash: Program The Government Shouldn’t Be Funding Is Out Of Money

Did the United States spin off into some alternate universe of infinite money, record surpluses, and incalculable opulence when I wasn’t looking or are we actually spending more than a billion of our tax dollars to help people upgrade their televisions?

The Federal Government has run out of money to help analog TV owners go digital in mid-February.

“USA Today” reports the $1.3 billion dollar program to offset the cost of buying converter boxes scraped bottom on Sunday.

Instead of giving out discount coupons worth $40 apiece, the Feds are now compiling a waiting list. If consumers can’t wait, they can always spring for the box’s 40-to-70-dollar cost without the coupon.

We’re on pace to run a trillion dollar deficit in this country next year and we’re still spending money like it’s impossible for us to run out of cash. Our approach to spending is like mass hysteria on a national scale, as irrational as just about anything done by any government in the history of humankind.

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