No, We Can’t. Really.

Up until this weekend, there had been interestingly few conservative columnists and bloggers offering their opinion of Tuesday’s election; I suspect this was because we were still recovering from the shock and despondency. I’ll admit that in my present state of mind, all I want to do is hear Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin bemoan the fate of our country now, but I have hardly yet gotten my fill of self-indulgent pity.

I wish I could be as optimistic as so many conservatives, quipping that “We needed a loss like this to clean up the party. We’ll take ’em in 2010!”, but I’m not quite buying it. Am I the only Republican who remembers 2006, or was that just considered not devastating enough for us to learn our lesson and get our act together? “We’ll take ’em in 2008”? Not sure that worked out so well.

I’ve been told repeatedly that “our lives aren’t really going to change, anyway; it’s just politics.” At this, I’m almost offended. Let’s think about this: Our latest president elect has promised wealth redistribution and universal healthcare, which, if enacted, will be the least of our problems. Barack Obama has pledged support for America’s surrender and evacuation in the Iraq War. He believes in amnesty for illegal immigrants at every level. He’s given us his word that he would nominate judges – particularly Supreme Court justices – who would promote his leftist agenda. So for those of us who think he’ll be gone in four years, he won’t; the damage will already have been done.

I’m also a little insulted when I hear the claim (often by those who have done little for our cause) that we didn’t put up a fight this year, but that we’ve now learned our lessin and will fight harder next time. For one, although our presidential campaign was nonexistent, I’ve seen plenty of dedicated conservatives “fighting” with all their might this year (myself included), all but to amount to nothing due to a weak ticket at the top. Even with the more recent advantage of talk radio, the internet, and Fox News fighting on our side, Republicans were crushed. What reason do we have to believe that that this loss will miraculously turn the apathetic into impassioned crusaders in 2010? Particularly considering all that we had at stake this year, I’m not sure what more it will take get our message across.

I’m sure I don’t speak for the majority of Republicans when I say this, but a part of me thinks that, yes – the people do deserve the leader they get. We tried, but the people of America have spoken. So let’s just stand by and watch the future play out as the liberals would have it. Let’s watch idly as we see our economy tank, businesses suffer, government dependency soar, the rights to abortion expand without boundaries, our families deteriorate as the definition of marriage is redefined and distorted. Let’s allow America’s norms, beliefs, and policies to be dictated by international “law” biased against the US. Let’s keep silent as our country’s armed forces – the strongest in the world – surrenders in the Iraq War while anti-American leaders like President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pretend they’ve found a new ally in our head of state. And let’s do nothing as President Obama seals the deal for amnesty and open borders, ushering millions of new voters from whom Democrats can expect fierce loyalty. Moral, cultural, and economic degradation? Well, we asked for it.

And then, maybe – just maybe – let’s hope that Americans wise up. Perhaps if things are finally bad enough, we’ll come to our senses and turn away from the destructive path we’re on.

I believe it will take a dose of reality – even strong dose – for Americans to realize what they’ve done with this election; if they do, conservatives need to be ready. Let’s not get complacent or delude ourselves that America is still right of center. With a new and rapidly growing younger generation of liberals and a tide of immigrants that have been fooled into believing that the Democrats are the party of the minority, we don’t just need to win back the hearts of existing conservatives. We need to start winning over new ones. And this can only be done if we can get our message past the liberal smears that have worked so marvelously this year. We need to show the youth that politics is about more than their favorite celebrity hosting an Obama fundraiser, and those in the lower income bracket that government dependency never has and never will pull them out of their financial situation.

If Republicans and conservatives really believe that we have truth and reason on our side, we can’t be ashamed or afraid to take our message to every group and every niche in American society. We can’t afford to keep pretending we are still in the silent majority when our voters aren’t showing up at the polls; it’s time to admit that Republicans are, indeed, losing the race against liberal deception, and we need to start being a party that appeals to every “fringe” group that Democrats claim to represent. If we don’t, we had better start getting very comfortable with an Obama Dynasty.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the words of encouragement and the seeming hopefulness from other conservatives that “we’ll fight harder next time” and “we only lost because conservatives sat this one out.” Maybe they’ve got a point. But, I, for one, have just never been much one for reruns, and I’ve definitely seen this episode before. So wake me up when we start making a new movie.

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