Norm Coleman Fights to Defend the Democratic Process

I know I’ve expressed this before, but I really don’t believe that the current election contest between Norm Coleman and Al Franken is being given its due attention. With the very principles of our democracy at stake, the only reason I can see for this lack of exposure is that the left wing conspiracy within the media is determined to help Al Franken steal a seat to the United States Senate.

Thankfully, Coleman and a few other loyal defenders of democracy are fighting to overturn this crime, but without stronger support from the Republican Party and its constituents, Coleman is faces a daunting challenge against the Democratic machine.

If anyone feels called to make a contribution to his cause, I am sure it would be well worth it. As the Coleman for Senate campaign stated in an email to its supporters,

Franken, Reid and their liberal allies see their filibuster-proof majority slipping through their fingers. And there’s no telling what they’ll do next to try to negate the will of Minnesota voters for their own partisan gain. That’s why we can’t let up the fight–not even for a minute!

There are two fatal flaws that you need to be aware of. First, the constitutional right of equal protection is now at risk in Minnesota because the evidence at trial shows overwhelmingly that precisely the same ballot has been counted in one county but rejected in another. Second, the court has created a legal quagmire with a ruling on Friday the 13th holding that certain categories of ballots are illegal under Minnesota law. But the very same Court allowed in precisely the same type of ballots it now has ruled are illegal. The bottom line is that the number of illegal ballots now in the count is far greater than Al Franken’s erstwhile lead. We need your help to make sure these flaws are fixed and to restore Norm’s lead in this election.

If justice is to prevail, Norm Coleman at least has truth on its side. Unfortunately, in our dealings with liberals in today’s society, the truth too often doesn’t count for much; it’s now essential that we fight to make sure it still counts for something.

I hope that conservatives will keep up the fight and help prevent the Republican Party from losing one more of its leaders by making a donation to the Coleman for Senate Campaign. We’ve already lost too much during the last election. Let’s not let the little we have left be stolen away.

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