North Carolina To Make Being Mean Illegal, Use It For Stealth Gay Marriage Approval?

Jonah Goldberg, in his excellent book “Liberal Fascism,” calls today’s far left “nice fascists.” If the far left progressive movement is trying to control what people think, say, and do, I would tend to agree. The extent of their discrimination laws, going well beyond any sort of equality under the law, point the way. And now, in North Carolina

Many state lawmakers said the School Violence Prevention Act, which aims to put a stop to bullying at school, is something they can all get on board with.

“When I was elected, one of the last things that I thought I would be doing is telling school boards that you have to implement policies to protect all the kids from bullies,” Sen. Julia Boseman said. “If it’s race, sex, whatever, it’s not acceptable.”

They’re kids. This happens. You cannot change that. Kids can be mean. But, you could get their parents involved, instead of blowing their opinions off, and wanting them to not interfere. Even back in the days when schools could paddle a child for misbehavior, bullying happened. But, all this does is codify being mean, and in a way to protect the current interest group of the Left that needs to be pandered to, gays and transgendered. It can also be used for another purpose

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“It’s not about protecting children. It’s about accepting the term sexual orientation and gender identity and how they define human sexual behavior. That’s the whole point of it,” Rep. Nelson Dollar said.

State republicans came forward Tuesday to say they have concerns about the use of the term “sexual orientation” in the bill. They pointed to a court case in Iowa where the use of the term in one bill opened the door to the possibility of same-sex marriages.

“[Iowa’s] constitution, which is the same as ours, its defense of marriage, which is the same as ours, and used the fact that the legislature had put sexual orientation in the statute as a reason to declare unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act,” Rep. Paul Stam said.

And North Carolina does not have anything similar to the way Californians vote directly on issues, such as with Proposition 8. Furthermore, our elected officials here in North Carolina, particularly the Democrat ones, tend not to listen to the People once elected. So, well meaning, but typically idiotic, legislation, or a way to stealthily create a situation where gay marriage becomes legal?

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