Not In It For The Attention, Mind You… XXVII

Today was kind of an interesting day. This is what our Sitemeter summary looked like, right before lunchtime…five digits before midday.

For perspective — “Today,” that field filled in with the 10,000, is reset at 0 every day at midnight. It goes up by one every time we get a visitor. If memory serves, The Blog That Nobody Reads previously had a record of 2,100+something, midnight-to-midnight.

We beat that today somewhere around 5:30 a.m. By the time I became aware of what was going on, it was approaching 6,000 and the sun hadn’t yet come up. And now? Our 30-day recap looks something like this —

Hope that doesn’t cause global warming.

So what happened? Some guy who claims to be married to one of our favorite bloggresses, Dr. Helen*, linked to us. It was the Venn Diagram. It got Inst’d, and then things took off from there…guess it must have hit a nerve. Instapundit is pretty much the capitol of blogs. You’ll see we got linked behind the word “heh” and that was enough to get the meters exploded.

Hopefully, we make some more friends out of this. We’ll see.

*Let it be clearly understood, that’s a tease, not a slam. We’re big fans of both husband and wife — they’re both on our short list of Google Reader subscriptions, and have been for awhile. She thinks, he links. Great stuff. And it’s good to see they’re scouring for their material at all levels…even way, way down here.


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