Now’s Not The Time To Debate Ted Kennedy’s Legacy

Ted Kennedy passed away last night and although I may not have agreed with Kennedy on much of anything, I was sorry to hear that he had died. I’m also sorry that Kennedy, like so many other people these days, is having his passing used as a mere political football.

After someone shakes off their mortal coil, I believe a certain amount of deference is due. Their friends should be able to say nice things about them and the people who disagree should show enough class and tact to either say something nice or say nothing at all. Quite frankly, when someone trashes a person immediately after he dies, it says a lot more about him than it does the person he’s attacking.

With that in mind, whatever you may think of Ted Kennedy, out of respect for his family, friends, and admirers, I would encourage you in the strongest of terms to show the same kind of courtesy you would want shown to a member of your own family who had just passed away — and that applies to people on the Left and Right.

I find angry attacks on Ted Kennedy, before his body’s even in the ground, to be extremely offensive. The same goes for the people who are already exhorting the American people to pass the health care bill “for Ted Kennedy.” There’s a time and a place for everything. Now is not the time or the place for those things. The man just died. Let his friends honor his passing and his enemies remain silent about him at least until he’s in the ground.

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