Obama at Notre Dame and the Cowardice of the Elite

Why does multiculturalism advance like a conquering army? Why is Barack Obama invited to speak at Notre Dame? It has a lot to do with ambition, prestige and the structure of the American elite:

Such is the nature of this elite that only cowards ever apply for membership. No one expects honesty from the New York Times, because no honest man (or woman) would seek employment there. Yet this craven, selfish, dishonest path of ambition beckons the “best and brightest,” who desire the elite’s admiration so much that they learn to prefer smooth lies to rude truth.
So it is that Notre Dame embraces the lie of “open discussion” — as if the Culture of Death actually believes in “open discussion” — giving Obama a prestigious forum to proclaim the lie of “common ground,” and anyone who dares to disagree will be denounced and ridiculed by the elite.

I hope you’ll read the whole thing

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