Obama BC Debate: Born In 1957 When Hawaii Was A Territory?

I’ve said before, many, many times, that I enjoy the basic debate over Obama’s BC. The debate where I wonder what is on it, since he and other Democrats are fighting so hard to keep from releasing it. I have also stated that I believe he is a natural born US citizen till proven otherwise. Furthermore, I have stated that some of the “Birthers” go as wonky and loony as some of the Twoofers. In the following case, World Net Daily goes plain stupid

If President Obama were indeed born in Hawaii, was it while the islands were a territory of the United States?

A new wrinkle in the dispute over his birth – and whether he is eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural born” citizen – appeared today when Obama’s official MySpace page declared his age is 52, thus placing his birth year at 1957 instead of 1961 as has been claimed.

That would mean he would have been born during the archipelago’s time as a territory of the U.S., the islands’ status from about 1900 until statehood in 1959.

First of all, surely the birth date is simply a typing mistake by Obama or whoever put the MySpace page together. Or, perhaps they did it on purpose to mess with people.

Second, the NY Times pulled this same “we’re just wondering” silliness regarding John McCain and him being born in the Panama Canal Zone (shockingly, soon after the DU pulled it.) Twice. The relevant point is that anyone born in territories under the jurisdiction of US law, the Panama Canal Zone and the Hawaiian Territories being two of them, are considered Natural Born Citizens, eligible to be President of the United States. Someone born in Guam would be eligible. Someone born in Puerto Rico would be eligible. Interestingly, if someone was born on a military post in Germany, they would be a US citizen, but, not “natural born.”

World Net Daily, quite frankly, does an even worse job of discussing this issue than the Times did. Neither NY Times article answered the question of whether McCain was eligible, and, had he won, I believe we would have seen a movement from the Left pushing that he wasn’t eligible. Regardless, WND doesn’t even provide a maybe/maybe no argument: they just throw it at the wall in a way to get people riled up.

Even supposing Obama was born in Hawaii in 1957, he is a natural born citizen. Try again, WND.

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