Obama Calls America “Arrogant” During Speech In Strasbourg

(Apologies. I usually don’t cross-post so much this early in the day, so many other folks with posts tee’d up that need reading, but, I thought this info should get out)

If nothing else, at least Obama is consistent with the far left progressive movements blame and denigrate America first, foremost, and always, opinion

Later, President Obama told an audience in Strasbourg that the US and Europe had allowed the alliance to drift in recent years.

He said the US had been “arrogant” and “dismissive” towards its allies, while there was “insidious” anti-Americanism in Europe. He said these attitudes had to change.

The only attitude I would like to see changed is the one from the President of the USA, who doesn’t seem to like anything about the USA. Jimmy Carter is sure to be enjoying this, since he will soon be not known as the most America hating president ever. And, yes, this does make me mad.

Gateway Pundit catches Obama bashing Bush and apologizing for liberating Iraq. Maybe Obama wants to join the Dixie Chicks on tour.

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