Obama Cool With U.K. Talking To Hezbollah

I’m sure this is something that he himself wants to do: ‘US OK with UK’s overture to Hizbullah’

The Obama administration is “comfortable” with the British government’s attempts to engage Hizbullah, a senior British diplomat asserts.

Britain likens the attempt to engage Hizbullah, launched quietly this year, to London’s outreach to political leaders of the Irish Republican Army earlier – a move that helped quell the Northern Ireland conflict.

“We have a different approach on this issue at the moment with the United States,” he said. “But it’s not an issue of disagreement in intentions. The feedback we had on Lebanon is that the Americans are comfortable with us doing things differently than they are at the moment.”

See, there is one problem in comparing talks with the IRA to talks with a Hizbullah: the IRA wanted home rule and the British out (a very simplistic breakdown, and there is a wee bit more to it, of course.) Interestingly, the IRA has also been very far left. But, I digress. Hizbullah doesn’t just want home rule and the Israeli’s out of Gaza; they want the Jews out of all the areas of Palestine, and all the Jews killed. Remember, it is part of Hizbullah’s charter to see the destruction of the Jewish state.

And, as Gateway Pundit found through Sweetness and Light, Obama’s church of 20 years was a supporter of Hizzbullah. So, no conflict of interest there, eh?

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