Obama Goes All Cricketty On North Korean Missile Launches

One thing we conservatives have always been is honest. We’ve said time and time again that we will go after politicians, our own and the Democrats, on policy. We went after Bush on some issues, such as Dubai Ports, illegal immigration, out of control spending, and Harriet Myers, among others. And, unlike the Left, we will not go after Obama simply to be contrary. When he does the right thing, it should be exposed. Case in point

North Korea fired seven ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast on Saturday, in a show of defiance against UN sanctions.

The missile launches, which came on the US independence day, appeared aimed at grabbing the attention of the Obama administration, which has been wary of extending enticements to North Korea in exchange for only renewed pledges of restraint.

What you won’t find in that story, or around the ‘Net, is any Obama response. The closest response was Gaffemaster Joe with “the question is, is there anything that we should do about it?” (He also managed to point out that the admin had no clue about the economy.) What should we do about it? What should Obama, as President?

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Quite frankly, I personally think he has done the right thing in mostly ignoring North Korea, particularly this July 4th launch. What does North Korea and Kim Jong-Il want? Like a kid with a new baby sibling, he wants attention. Sure, he wants to demonstrate that his military stuff works so he can try and sell it, but, it still comes back to attention. And, with said attention, he wants stuff. Bling. So, it is best to ignore and frustrate him, much like your friend who keeps getting too drunk and talking loud as you go for that birdie on 18.

This is not too say it is planned. It could be. It could also be because he is incompetent and hasn’t a clue. It could be because he is too busy being President Celebrity. It could be because he has other fish to fry. We don’t know. But, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that it is planned. Hopefully, he will continue to ignore Kim, leaving him whining like a toddler who can’t find his bankie.

Oh, in other Obama news, he has apparently now become a zombie, and can speak without Secretary Teleprompter.

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