Obama Inspires Me to Put in 120%

The President made a whole lot of comments regarding truth and falsehood in His speech to a joint session of Congress this week. However, after He “corrected” the record and the fact-checkers got done fact-checking His corrections, it seems the “rumors” that He was “correcting” were not regarding anything that exists on this plane of reality, but rather in some kind of vision that exists in His Holy Head (hat tip to blogsister Cassy). And He may not even have been telling the truth about that.

This has inspired me to reach into the permanent-page that holds ten ideas on ways to motivate large numbers of people to do a dumb thing without anyone associating the dumb thing with your name later on, and tack on two more to the end. After all, this tactic being used by our President (#12) is good enough to fool even really tall teevee leprechauns.

Reality and truth are under an unprecedented assault lately; if we cannot fight it, the next best thing we can do is document how it is being done, for the benefit of future generations. Dealing out this assault is Obama’s primary talent. It is not a talent that has to do with communicating with people, or exciting people, or inspiring people; the adoration He earns from His fans, has to do with His strengths in taking something and presenting it in such a way that it looks like something it’s not. And when we watch Him go about doing it, presenting each thing, desirable or otherwise, as its polar opposite — we are truly in the presence of greatness. As popular of a livelihood/pastime/chosen-craft this is lately, nobody is better at it than He is.

He is worth watching, no question about it, especially if you’re hard at work putting together a list like mine.

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes.

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