Obama Is Already Defining “Rich” Downward

Obamanomics is based on the morally repugnant class warfare principle of setting aside a group of people called “the rich,” who are to be pillaged and exploited for the sake of everyone else. Under Stalin, to qualify as rich you only needed to own more than one samovar (a device for brewing tea found in most Russian homes); people were actually shot if government inspectors found a second samovar in the home of a “kulak” (“rich peasant”).

Obviously imposing excessive taxation on “the rich,” however they are defined, will cripple the economy as a whole, making everyone more miserable. It isn’t the poor who invest and employ — it is the demonized rich.

But before we even reach that point, there is the problem that the grandiose schemes of egomaniacal socialist dictators tend to cost more than even the rich can pay. This is why the definition of “rich” slides downward until you find yourself dragged off by thugs over a samovar.

Obama has promised that he will only loot families that make more than $250,000 per year, showering their money down upon the rest of us by offering “tax cuts” even to people who don’t pay any federal taxes. But what’s this? The Moonbat Messiah hasn’t even been elected and already the mark has been moved down to $200,000:

Meanwhile, Plugs Biden has lowered the mark to $150,000.

Once in office, Obama bin Biden would inevitably continue to adjust the definition of rich until it covers anyone gainfully employed. Those who actually think their tax burden would be reduced under these socialists are morbidly gullible — although I don’t doubt that some who don’t even pay taxes will be getting tax credit handouts at the expense of a dwindling class of people who work for a living.

Hat tip: Say Anything; on tips from nanc and J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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