Obama Isn’t Spock, He’s..

One of the more bizarre comparisons, well at least for Star Trek fans, is Barack Obama to Spock.

The idea here is supposed to be that Barack Obama is calm and collected like Spock.

However, to begin with, it’s a little hard to see exactly what is supposed to make Obama more dispassionate or low key than the average politician. It’s not like most politicians in the United States are stomping around, Yosemite Sam style, firing off six shooters into the air to frighten the reporters out of asking tough questions.

Moreover, if you watched the original Star Trek, it really broke down like this:

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Spock: Emotionless, made decisions based on pure logic.
Bones: All emotion, made decisions based on his heart.
James T. Kirk: The perfect synthesis of Bones and Spock, making decisions with his heart and his head, thus making him the greatest captain of all-time, especially compared to Janeway, who deserved to be a Red Shirt ensign on the original Star Trek.

Now, out of those three characters, which one of those characters is Barack Obama?

Certainly it’s not James T. Kirk, who always said nice things about the Federation when he was talking to aliens. And Spock? What are the chances Spock would have ever closed Gitmo without having any idea where he was going to send the prisoners? Not a chance!

So, in actuality, Barack Obama is Dr. McCoy — the man who works out fine as a senator…ehr, doctor, where his emotion based reasoning and folksy metaphors about change and hope won’t get everyone killed in a crisis.

Update #1: I was sticking to the main 3 characters of the original Star Trek, which left me a bit short on options. But, if we’re digging into people from across the whole Star Trek universe, I think I’d have to lean towards Q or alternately, Wesley Crusher. On the other hand, this one from the comments section is pretty good, too.

BAH!! You’re all wrong. Obama is a tribble – cute and fluffy and completely gumming up the works of whatever he gets involved with….” — Bill_Dalasio

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