Obama Laugh Riot

In exchange for the America we’ve known and loved our whole lives, at least Obamunism is giving us some laughs. The site What Obama Means to Me is all the more hilarious for apparently being on the level as it collects praise of Chairman Zero, to be collected in a book and presented to the Moonbat Messiah to stoke his national debt–sized ego.

This offering captures the tone:

Obama means a new America, I feel he is the best thing that has happened to the country ever.Every time I listen to him I feel hope and I feel tears coming to my eyes…

Tears come to my eyes too, but I’m not feeling much hope.

Uh oh, someone had better click the Report Abuse link for this one:

Socialism does not work, check history and see what happens to gov. plans such as yours.

The site also offers a complete selection of Obama gear, including this bib, which should prove useful to the many black supremacists who suffer from drooling disorders:


Since establishment journalists have proven unable to restrain their slobber where BHO is concerned, there’s one for them too:


On a tip from mega. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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