Obama “Let’s Close Gitmo.” Dem Leaders “How ‘Bout A Plan, Sparky?”

What is wrong with Congress? Don’t they know that hopeNchange is here? Don’t they know that Guantanamo Bay Detention of Dangerous, Murderous, America Hating Islamists Center needs to be closed so that the dangerous, murderous, slit your throat after a nice dinner of orange chicken and rice pilaf Islamists can be sent, somewhere, not sure where, because no one seems to want to take them? Get with the hopeNchange, folks!

Top House Democrats raised tensions with the White House on a key foreign policy goal, rebuffing a request for funding to begin closing the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

President Barack Obama has sought $80 million to begin the process of closing the controversial detention facility, as part of broader legislation needed to continue funding for the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unveiling the House version of war spending bill, House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D., Wisc.) didn’t include the funds, complaining that the administration has not yet developed a clear plan to wind down operations at Guantanamo and relocate the detainees, either abroad or in the U.S.

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“When they have a plan, they’re welcome to come back and talk to us,” Mr. Obey said.

Plan? We don’t need no stinkin’ plan! Talking Points are what matter, bub! Hope! Change! Um, er, ah, won’t somebody take the Islamists? France? No? Oh. You have enough, my bad. Won’t one of those far left governors offer to take them? Surely after all their whining….no? How about some Democrat Senators, certainly after their complaints they can try and talk their respective states into taking the Isla……none?

The White House had no immediate comment on Mr. Obey’s bill.

Apparently, they were partying yet again in the White House, celebrating Cinco de Cuatro.

Don Surbernotices Obey’s previous bluster, which ran into ye olde cluebat.

Josh Painter at Red Statenotices that the 57 States aren’t falling all over themselves to take the Gitmo vacationers.

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