Obama Says Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Have Made Us Less Safe

Really? Seriously? I wonder what proof does he have?

President Obama on Wednesday acknowledged that enhanced interrogation tactics such as waterboarding may glean information from terrorists but said that those techniques constitute “torture” and that the country is made safer by not using them.

“I will do whatever is required to keep the American people safe, but I am absolutely convinced that the best way I can do that is to make sure we are not taking shortcuts that undermine who we are,” he said. “There have been no circumstances during the course of this first hundred days in which I have seen information that would make me second-guess the decision I have made.”

But, then, he wasn’t president in the aftermath of 9/11, he was sitting safely in the Illinois Senate, voting present on the tough issues. And I wonder if he can remind us how many terrorist attacks on U.S. soil there have been since. Perhaps he could tell us which ones have been stopped. Can he prove that the country is less safer by using said tactics, most of which were used on a few high value targets, then discontinued? Or, does he actually mean that it has made the U.S. less popular with lefties around the world, because whether or not we use enhanced tactics on al Qaeda terrorists, they are going to hate the U.S. just the same.

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Pop quiz, hot shot: you have a high value Al Qaeda member in custody, and it is pretty sure that he knows about a coming nuclear attack on a U.S. city. Time is ticking, President Neophyte. What do you do? He isn’t giving the information up. What. Do. You. Do?

Of course, the “let’s treat Al Qaeda members with tickle feathers” crowd will say this is a hypothetical, so they won’t answer. They’ll hem and haw, mostly because they do not want to show themselves up as the terrorist supporters they are. But, in the time right after 9/11, that was the thought, especially regarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Osama bin Laden never listed those techniques among his grievances. On the contrary, his perception of the United States as weak and unwilling to retaliate was clearly one factor in his decision to attack us on 9/11. And now Obama is pushing us back to that same time period.

But, you know what is going to make us less safe? Releasing memo’s that detail interrogation techniques, so that AQ members will know how to beat them. Getting wishy washy and potentially leaving intelligence agents and others involved to hang in the wind, not knowing if they will be prosecuted for doing their jobs. Going on witch hunts so that people will be afraid to be aggressive in protecting the U.S.A. And, oh, how about releasing photos soon of U.S. soldiers being mean to Islamic extremists? Will this do anything other then whipping up Islamic sentiment against the United States, making, us, what’s that phrase……less safe?

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