Obama’s Big Sky Problem

CNN finds a paradox:

Spend a day in this tiny town about 23 miles or so from where President Obama will be holding a town hall meeting on Friday, and it’s easy to see why his health-care push is facing big problems in Big Sky country — even from the people he’s trying to help.

Amazing, isn’t it? The very people President Obama is trying to help – the people who would benefit the most from his policies – are far more likely to oppose those very same policies.

Reminds me of Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter with Kansas.”

But, just a few paragraphs later:

“I believe that there is a health care crisis, I really do,” [Sonja McDonald] told me from a dentist chair in the clinic. “Do I believe that the government needs to be more involved? No! Because I think that they just — whenever they get their fingers in the pot it just kind of turns black.”

She knows she has a problem, but prefers that the government not help solve that problem. Good for you, Mrs. McDonald.

(Lance Burri is The TrogloPundit)

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