Obama’s “Blunders” Give Me No Joy

Unlike those on the Left, who undermined the legitimacy of President George W. Bush and took every opportunity to humiliate and hamstring him, it gives me no satisfaction to see President Barack Obama struggle at every turn since his inauguration. It’s not good for America to have the President putting forward tax cheats and criminals, being bullied by Russia, pushed by Korea, taunted by Iran, and dominance downed by the EU (although, I’m glad their tariff fright changed that obscene Stimulus Bill provision). He looks silly.

The world situation is delicate. History lesson (again): Economic instability tends to presage military instability.

America does not need to look like a dithering, unfocused mess right now. Too much is at stake. President Barack Obama needs to pull it together. Now. Of course, that means actually deciding what he believes. He managed to be on every side of every issue. I was kinda hoping he was being deceitful and actually had a perspective about how things should be. Now, I’m not so sure.

Won’t it be interesting (and horrible) if we have a likable president personality-wise, who actually causes destruction after having a hated president, who maintained America’s reputation far more than anyone wanted to admit?

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