Obama’s Disapproval Number Hits New High

The latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll is out (though, of course, Liberals will poo-poo it while they themselves watch it on TV and read it on the ‘net), and Obama keeps dropping

A new FOX News poll finds that while 49 percent want Congress to pass health care legislation this year, about the same number — 48 percent — say they want legislators to do nothing on the issue for now.

At the same time, the poll finds 36 percent think Congress is moving too quickly on health care reform, while 30 percent think it is moving not quickly enough and another 30 percent feel the pace of action is about right.

This uncertainty about health care reform is based at least in part on the plan’s cost and who will pay. Just over half of Americans (54 percent) think it is unlikely major health care reforms can be passed without increasing the federal deficit and a slightly higher number (60 percent) think it is implausible to do so without raising taxes.

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(full poll available here)

Also, Fox is not separating it out like the others into 2 different polls – approval of Obama himself and approval of his policies – but, staying with the tried and true “how do you think he is doing?”

Full size available here or as part of the PDF.

Essentially, a new low. The big point is the disapproval rating, which is a new high. And, how about health care?

Nearly half of Americans (45 percent) think the quality of their family’s health care would be worse under the current proposed reforms. That is significantly higher than the number (29 percent) who say they would get better quality health care under the proposed plans. Another 17 percent expect no difference.

Most Americans say they have health care insurance (91 percent), and a large 84 percent majority rates the quality of their insurance as excellent or good. Moreover, more than 8 in 10 (83 percent) rate the quality of the health care they currently receive as excellent or good. And if they were sick or seriously ill, most people say they would rather be in the current privately-run health care system (64 percent) than in a government-run system (19 percent).

So, most think their health care will get worse and are happy with what they have. But, you know, Barry is Thee President, so, he must transform the health care system to one he likes. But won’t use for himself and his family, of course.

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