Obama’s Failed Diplomacy

President Barack Obama wrote former French president Jacques Chirac a letter saying that he looks forward working with him over the next four years. Meanwhile, the actual President, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French press and and the French people are offended. Gateway Pundit has the story.

My question: What exactly will Obama and Chirac work on together? And why does every action by this man seem like a petty stab at the former administration?

More questions: Is Obama consulting with his Secretary of State about these secret letters, YouTube videos and stupid gifts? Is it a case of Dumb and Dumber or is Obama just doing what he damn well pleases?

I can’t escape the feeling that President Obama just does not give a flip about diplomacy. Or rather, he’s so narcissistic, that he figures anything he does will be preferable to what his predecessor did. Newsflash, Mr. President. Some of the leaders in the world may not have liked George W. Bush, but you can be sure they respected him.

President Obama is quickly taking the position of being unliked and disrespected. That does not bode well for the safety and security of Americans abroad. Nor does it bode well for our standing in the world.

He’s going to have a tough time filling his remaining cabinet slots. No one will want to touch this administration with a ten foot pole.

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