Obama’s Global Warming Czarina Carol Browner Makes Money on Offsets

Communists do have one thing in common with capitalists: they like money. Take Carol Browner for example. Obama’s choice for Global Warming Czarina is an actual Marxist, but that doesn’t mean she’s above making a buck off the global warming hoax, which she will soon be in a position to prop up with all the force and stolen riches of our monstrously bloated federal government.

Browner is a board member of APX, a leading carbon offset trading company.

Here we were thinking no one could be more disqualified by conflict of interest than impending Secretary of State Shrillary Rotten.

There’s more to the climate change farce than crippling our economy to pave the way for socialism, while granting unprecedented power over every aspect of our lives to evil bureaucrats like Browner. There’s also money to be made — but only by a few, at the expense of all the rest.

The Czarina offers her subjects a self-satisfied smirk.

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