Obama’s Iraq-Afghanistan-America Brigade Movement 3-Card Monte

Here’s how you pull a Three-Brigade Monte:

President Obama promised to drawdown Iraqi troops. He was going to pull out a brigade from Iraq.

So, he does–he withdraws the troops from Iraq and puts them in Afghanistan. That means there are less troops in Iraq and more in Afghanistan, right?

Well, not exactly. Then, the Commander-in-Chief deploys another brigade from America to Iraq.

So really, there’s no drawdown at all.

While everyone was looking to Rush Limbaugh and whatever else is being used as a diversion, President Obama moved troops for POLITICAL GAIN while not drawing down troop levels in Iraq at all.

Greyhawk, who I linked to about this over the weekend (but you guys need to see this today because it’s a huge story that the MSM is unlikely to cover), has more:

While that story might be obscure, it’s anything but insignificant. The diversion of the Stryker Brigade (one of two that were then scheduled to replace the two currently in Iraq) to Afghanistan made headlines as the President appeared at Camp Lejeune to announce his Iraq drawdown and Afghanistan “surge”. As noted here at the time, that followup report – if accurate – “exposes everything you’ve heard about troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past two weeks as an absolute hoax on the American public.”

Read the first entry in this series for details of the preparations made by the Stryker Brigade for an Iraq deployment – 10-month Arabic language schools being just part of the training rendered useless by a reassignment to a country where the locals don’t speak it.

Of course, “intensive, 10-month Arabic language training” and “exercises… where they had to help their commanders negotiate with native-speaker role players” were now useless – but if they were no longer needed in Iraq, so be it.

But they were needed in Iraq – just not as badly as the Obama administration needed to make it appear that troops initially slotted for Iraq were going to Afghanistan instead – seemingly making good on a key campaign promise. So with much fanfare the Iraq drawdown (consisting entirely of the Stryker Brigade)/Afghanistan surge (Strykers plus a Marine unit) was announced, and subsequent polls indicated Americans were wildly enthusiastic about the idea.

And this, anti-war zealots, is called a scam. But I’m figuring you guys won’t be saying much about it because well, the fact that you voted for President Obama to begin with tells me you enjoy a good scam.

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