Obama’s Live Action Recreation Of 9/11 In New York

In an act of supreme narcissisitic idiocy, one of Barack Obama’s planes did a very low level flight over New York with fighter jets flying close behind. This, quite naturally, created a major panic in New York with people screaming in the streets and buildings being evacuated.

So, what was the purpose behind Obama terrifying all of New York? Apparently, they needed to update the “file photos of Air Force One near national landmarks.”

Of course, Barack Obama says he didn’t even know what was going on. Why, it was one of his staffers who did it! Ever notice that every single time something embarrassing or politically inconvenient happens involving Obama, if nobody can definitively prove he was responsible, he shifts the blame to one of his staffers? I wrote a whole column about it for Townhall.

Rather than give you my commentary on the event, I decided to do something a little different. Let me show you some comments from the YouTube videos of Obama’s simulated 9/11 photo op. I think it will give you a better feel for how this impacted people’s lives (Of course, I didn’t bother with the “It was a Bush/Cheney plot,” “It’s a false flag operation,” “What do you expect from a Muslim” comments, although they were there in numbers, too).

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Halen67: Oh my god, oh my god.

MaureenT0519: You know, I work right on the Hudson and these planes flew right by my window, twice – I immediately put on NY1 News and was very nervous. The more I read about it being this ‘photo-op’, the more ANGRY I’m getting…scaring the hell out of people for such a stupid reason – a quick announcement in advance on the news would have saved a lot of people a lot of stress.

RobertGary1: Holy crap. I was in lower manhattan last week and that would have scarred me; and I”m a pilot

tweener702: Im glad that this is what tax payer money is going towards…And not telling NYC is absolutely horrible…think about all the time and money that was wasted due to the lost productivity because people were afraid for their lives..

Offcrackplumberbuns: The next time you want pictures, take a cab!

ggarzamejia: What if some people had heart attacks (and died) with this prank, or have accidents while evacuating buildings, etc. etc.. I guess the government thinks the pictures they took are worth it. I agree that they should have used photoshop and keep the planes in the airport (and save a lot of tax money)

KarmicOmen: The ultimate in poor taste; ill-conceived and insensitive!

peterscottfrost: Unbelievably thoughtless. A low-flying jumbo jet being tailed by fighter planes over New York City. That’s just great. That probably set back some people’s recovery from post traumatic stress.

spaceboozer: I’m an Ozzie and even i know you shouldn’t fly over the statue of liberty towards the city, what a bunch of brainless idiots, just watching the footage gave me chills.

Boomer1949: This was such a stupid thing to do!! The trauma of 9/11 hasn’t left people who live close or had love ones in NYC on 9/11. This footage scared me and I’m 150 miles away. I can’t imagine being in the city watching this plane circle around. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid thing to do.

Update #1: The mockery of Obama’s 9/11 photo op on Twitter has been fierce. A few of my fave comments,

liberrocky: Next photo op: squadron of crop dusters buzz Central Park

allahpundit: Next Obama “photo op”: An unannounced overflight of Pearl Harbor by 200 or so unmarked fighter/bombers

JTlol: I’m not sure I like Obama’s idea to celebrate his 100th day in office with a big pyrotechnic display at Ground Zero

BOTeleprompter: Gore tells Big Guy NY ploy was good idea because it lowered Wall Street carbon foot print by 30% with those offices closing.

allahpundit: Next Obama “photo op”: Unannounced nuclear test off the coast of New York harbor

justkarl: To mark 100 days, White House plans to send unmarked packages of talcum powder to all members of Congress.

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