Obama’s Report Card at CNN

Considering that the propaganda spewed on CNN is well to the left of center, you can assume that most of its audience is as well. Yet look how poorly the Moonbat Messiah is faring in its National Report Card:


Not a single state or even the District of Criminals — the place that kept electing Marion Barry — gives him better than a C+, despite the frenzied orgy of hype in his favor.

As a result of his ongoing attempt to socialize medicine, his grades on healthcare are even worse than his overall score:


Yet even now Chairman Zero benefits from the psychological tricks used to get him into office — the politically correct hype, and the subconsciously implanted notion that you are a racist if you don’t side with the black guy. But soon his grades will catch up with those of the Democrat-controlled Congress, which earns a uniform D:


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The establishment media — without whose slavish support an inexperienced ultra-leftist with terrorist friends who is on the record as hating white people would never have been a serious candidate — doesn’t fare any better:


Conclusion: Support for Obama and the leftist oligarchy he represents is no deeper than a puddle and evaporating fast.

Cast a vote, and see if you can move your own state toward purple and brown.

On tips from Bill and Murff. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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