Obamunist Brownshirts Attempt a Reichstag Fire

Obamunists’ clever handiwork.

Obamunists have taken the staged phoniness that characterizes their movement a little too far by vandalizing the Democrat HQ in Denver in an attempt to help the mainstream media paint opponents of socialized medicine as violent fanatics.

One of two people suspected of shattering 11 windows Tuesday morning at the state Democratic Party headquarters has an arrest record and a history of helping a Democratic political candidate, public records show.

Police said that about 2:20 a.m., 24-year-old Maurice Schwenkler, now in custody, and an at-large accomplice took a hammer to the picture windows displaying posters touting President Barack Obama and his health care reform efforts.

A little background on this Obamunist brownshirt:

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On the last day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, he was charged with misdemeanor unlawful assembly in St. Paul, Minn. … Schwenkler received $500 in November 2008 to walk door-to-door in support of Democrat Mollie Cullom, who lost her race to Republican state Rep. David Balmer of Centennial. … Schwenkler was one of dozens of paid canvassers bankrolled by the Colorado Citizens’ Coalition, a political 527 committee funded by labor groups and well-known, wealthy liberal donors.

In those disclosures, Schwenkler’s address is listed as Derailer Bicycle Cooperative, a free community bicycle collective that operates just around the corner from the Democratic headquarters. Multiple volunteers at the collective declined to discuss Schwenkler, though they said he was affiliated with the group.

State Rep Balmer states the obvious:

This sounds like the type of Democratic tactic from the left fringe trying to make Republicans look mean-spirited. In this case, it blew up in their face. He was caught red-handed.

Nonetheless, libs are still trying to blame patriots — or at least hide behind their beloved moral equivalence:

Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver’s art district was a consequence of “an effort on the other side to stir up hate.” She tempered her statement after Schwenkler’s political history was revealed.

“What I’ve been saying is there is a lot of rhetoric out there from both sides of the spectrum,” Waak said.

Investigators are still trying to catch the other vandal (reportedly a transgender anarchist) and to confirm that Schwenkler is really a guy.

Maurice Schwenkler evidently passes for a man among liberals.

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