Oh My: Obama Plates Discounted Almost 90%?

Back on April 10th, I ran a story called, “An Indication At Walgreens That Obama’s Honeymoon May Be Just About Over.”

That indication was that Obama collectible plates had plunged in price,

Notice what we have there: loads of Obama kitsch, discounted down from $19.99 to $5.19.

Let me tell you something, folks: You don’t mark your products down 74% if they’re selling.

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Well, in the spirit of journalism, I thought the story deserved a follow-up.

It seems Big Lots in Greensboro also made the Hope and Change on a plate mistake and at this point, they’re just about ready to give them away to get them out of the store,

Obama Plates At Big Lots

Wow, down from $19.95 to $2? So, given that Obama’s approval rate is still dropping, when do they go on sale in the Dollar Store?

Did you know these plates actually have their own web page? Oh, and the video on it is just awesome. It describes Barack Obama’s “confident smile and kind eyes.” They also note there is a strict limit of two plates per person at $19.99. After all, these plates are going fast!

And who wouldn’t want one of these plates to hang over the fireplace so that you could have Barack Obama watching over you — or, better yet, why not use it as a dinner plate? Then, as you finished your food, you could see Barack Obama looking up at you with his “confident smile and kind eyes”?

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