Oh, Snap! AGW Legislation To Create More “Victims”

How cool is this? Not only will the AGW legislation raise the price of basically everything but air, create energy shortages, force companies out of business, and accomplish nothing, but, it will create a whole new victims class, and we all know how the Left likes creating victims

An under-the-radar provision in a House climate bill would give plaintiffs who claim to be victims of global warming a way to sue the federal government or businesses, according to a report Friday in The Washington Times.

The Times reported that Democratic Reps. Henry Waxman of California and Edward Markey of Massachusetts added it into a bill they authored.

The provision, which was just released, reportedly would set grounds for plaintiffs who has “suffered” or expect to suffer “harm” attributable at least in part to government inaction. The provision defines “harm” as “any effect of air pollution (including climate change),” according to the Times. Plaintiffs could seek up to $75,000 in damages a year from the government, with $1.5 million being the maximum total payout.

The full story can be read at the Washington Times.

Guess who wins? Lawyers and lobbyists

“Perhaps a more accurate title of the bill would be ‘The Lawyer Full-Employment and As-Seen-on-TV Global Warming Act of 2009,’ ” said Larry Neal, deputy Republican staff director for the House committee.

Guess whose money the federal government will be paying out? All for something that is primarily natural, and

Arctic sea ice growth finished the year in 2008 at the same level as 1979.
The oceans have been cooling since 2003.
Sea ice is growing at the fastest pace on record.
Greenland’s glaciers are stabilizing.
There are growing fears of a coming freeze worse than the ice age.
Alaskan Sea Glaciers are advancing for the first time in 250 years.
And, for the second straight year the Earth is, in fact, cooling… not warming.

In other news, our long national nightmare is over: Obama is finally getting a puppy. I wonder if Ted Kennedy will get the same treatment that the breeder who sold Biden his dog got? Seriously, though, a three page story from the Washington Post? That’s more ink then they gave the freeing of the pirate held captain, and more then the Times spent on Obama defending the right to hold captives in Afghanistan, the exact way Bush was doing.

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