Old Folks Can’t Learn Technology?
Don’t Tell Barbara Espinosa That!

How coincidental that John Hawkins should have addressed this topic just yesterday. OK, so maybe Ms. Espinosa could use a few lessons in HTML coding, but it was this techno-friendly grandmother from Arizona who enabled me to produce a report yesterday about a protest in Phoenix:

Had Ms. Espinosa not been in the crowd, I wouldn’t have known about the protest. She posted a notice of the Tom’s Tavern rally on her blog and, using her cell phone, sent me photos of the protest that I posted on my blog. . . .
We met Saturday in Pittsburgh, where I filed a brief account about the RightOnline conference that Ms. Espinosa attended. While I worked from a computer terminal in the hotel lobby, Ms. Espinosa was working at a nearby terminal and when she said she was updating her blog, it got my attention.
“You’ve got a blog?” I asked, with perhaps a bit too much astonishment, and thus began a conversation that didn’t end until after midnight. . . .
Ms. Espinosa has more than 250 Facebook friends, most of them fellow activists.
When a DNC ad accused Republicans of “inciting angry mobs” at town-hall meetings, it was grassroots activists like Ms. Espinosa they were talking about. Perhaps this will create an economic opportunity for some clever capitalist sloganeer: “My Grandma Is An Angry Mob — And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.”

Please read the whole thing. Oh, and being a married geezer of 49 myself, I don’t mind being called “old.” Ms. Espinosa, on the other hand, lists her Facebook status as “single,” and she would probably prefer that a handsome bachelor like Mr. Hawkins call her “darling.” Or “sweetheart.” Just not “old.”

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