OMG, Obama is, like, so totally hip!

The MSM droolfest has reached a fever pitch in this new article. If you’re feeling kind of queasy today, you might want to skip reading it. And Michelle recommends it… but only if you feel like losing around 50 IQ points.

Here’s a few highlights:

Barack Hussein Obama is the nation’s first hip president.

… “Being hip is being able to navigate your environment and others’ environments,” like the way Obama traverses racial boundaries, said John Leland, author of the definitive book “Hip: The History.”

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“Obama has this awareness that other presidents haven’t had. He’s white, and he’s black. He’s an elitist, and he’s regular folk. He’s not pinned down to a perspective.”

Young is to hip as old is to fogey — an essential characteristic. Obama has modern instincts and attitudes that appeal to younger people, and more than any other president in recent memory, that makes him a role model. He is green, open, athletic, tech-savvy, healthy. And his hip image certainly isn’t hurt by his wife, who is so obviously cool — setting trends (Sleeveless! Tending her own garden!), confidently mingling with superstars, gracing magazine covers coast to coast.

… [H]e begged to bring his BlackBerry into the Oval Office, a signal that he intends to remain in touch with the 21st century. Very hip!

Once he settled into the White House, the hip parade didn’t subside. Early guests included pop artists Stevie Wonder (a campaign supporter), Alicia Keys, and Sheryl Crow — but also Sweet Honey in the Rock, a group of socially and politically active a capella singers with an indie, underground vibe.

Obama strutted onto Jay Leno’s stage and plopped down on the couch, making him the first sitting president to do that. He unveiled his March Madness basketball bracket from the Oval Office. And speaking of basketball, who missed the sight of POTUS dressed in all black, sitting courtside at a Bulls-Wizards game with a cup of beer and high-fiving a trash-talking fan? How hip was that?!

It’s so hip that school kids in Albany, N.Y., coined a term for it: “Baracking.” And it doesn’t stop there. Those in the know at Albany High greet each other by saying: “What’s up, my Obama?” and they respond to a sneeze with “Barack you.” Misbehavior is peer-corrected with the admonition, “Barack’s in the White House,” which translates, “Show some respect.”

… The implication was that if you were not on board, you were not hip — you were square. And who wants to be so uncool as to be on the wrong side of the hip president, other than a few vocal anti-cools, such as radio yakker Rush Limbaugh, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner and former Vice President Dick Cheney?

Like, OMIGOD! High school kids have made slang about him! That’s, like, so dope! He likes blackberries! His wife wears sleeveless shirts and dresses! He likes the environment and he’s athletic! And hey, you better watch out. If you don’t like Obama, you’re square and the popular kids will stop talking to you.

In all seriousness, why is this what matters? And how can you possibly say that Obama is the first of anything? So he’s “hip” because he’s green, and he’s athletic, and his wife wears sleeveless tops, and other insignificant things like that.

Because, you know, we’ve never had a president that cared about the environment before. (Ahem, Teddy Roosevelt.) And we’ve never had an athletic president before. (Not President Bush, of course). And surely, no First Lady has ever bared her arms before. (Not even the fashionable Jackie Kennedy).

Of course, I may not be the best judge for “hipness”, although I’m pretty sure that no one under the age of 50 uses the term “square” anymore, despite this writer’s usage of it. In any case, let’s just assume that Barack Obama is, indeed, a “hip” president. Congratulations, Mr. Obama.

So, because Obama is a hip president, we’re supposed to overlook all the harm he is doing? All the promises he’s broken? All the corruption he’s ushered in?

How about the campaign promise that he wouldn’t approve any bill with a single earmark in it, and then approved a stimulus package pork-stuffed with over 9,000 of them? How about appointing tax cheats like Timothy Geithner to his cabinet, and nominating how many others like him? How about putting us trillions of dollars in debt? How about the overtaxing, spending, and borrowing? How about his consistent endangering of our national security? He’s not even been in office for 100 days yet, but he’s already made 100 mistakes.

We’re supposed to overlook all of this, just because he listens to “cool” music or something?

That is the most ridiculous, unintelligent, irresponsible, immature thing I may have ever read in my entire life. Threatening people with being “uncool” for not supporting a politician’s policies is quite possibly the most idiotic argument a person could make, but there it is, being made.

And this just sums up the issue with the Obama presidency, and liberalism in general. Liberals are so desperate to be loved that they’ve abandoned the goal of being principled. They just can’t understand that doing the right thing is more important than doing what’s popular. We need principled, competent, strong, patriotic, wise, moral leaders to guide us through these troubled times. Do you think any of our forefathers would have listed “hip” under the job requirements for the presidency? Not only would they not have asked for “hipness” as a requirement, they would certainly never have used it to excuse incompetency, immorality, corruption, anti-Americanism, dishonesty, and socialism.

Of course, Americans aren’t quite as crazy about Obama as the MSM would like you to believe, which is probably why they’re pumping out drivel like this.

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