Or Maybe Women Just Dig Different Kinds Of Dudes

When I did my post picking the hottest conservative guys, my criteria was simple: Were they datable? Now, many people saw the list and wondered at my choices. There was no “type”. Some guys were blond and blue eyed. Some guys were square-jawed. Some were scruffy. Some were baby-faced. Some were choir-boy innocent looking. They were all hot in their own ways and different women would pick different guys, depending on their unique likes and dislikes. I even mentioned that in my post.

Guys, on the other hand, are rather predictable. When a middle aged man dumps his wife, he often does not bother with a woman his own age with three kids in tow. No, he’s looking for the same thing he liked at 25: a 25 year old woman with big ta-tas, wide-set eyes, thin and looks good in jeans, or better yet, nothing.

So, some researchers confirm this with shaky science. Future Pundit says:

So why are men more consistent in their judgments? Do women differ from each other more than men do in their mating strategies? Or is the study picking up on greater variation over time in terms of what women want in men? In particular, how much of the female difference was due to the women being at different stages of their menstrual cycles? See my post Ovulating Women Prefer Smell Of Dominant Men and also my post Nursing Women More Attracted To Higher Pitch Male Voices. Monthly hormonal variations are going to cause women to feel more attraction to alpha men with more masculine features when the women are ovulating and then toward beta men to help raise the kids.

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Another possible cause of the greater female difference might be due to age of the females. Does a 35 year old woman on average want different physical features (perhaps less masculinity) than a 20 year old woman? Maybe the full article gets into this. If anyone reads it post in the comments.

This strikes me as over-thinking it. Really, women like more variability in their men than men like in women. I know it’s difficult to fathom, but there are women who look at Brad Pitt or Cary Grant and say, I’d much prefer Mick Jagger. Men shake their heads and say, How did that dude get that girl? I am using popular stars, by the way, for an example. This happens in real life, too.

To continue using Hollywood examples. When you think of leading men, they all look differently. That is, my girlfriend Denise love, LOVE, LOVES that dude from George of the Jungle and Mummy, Brendan Frazier. Um, hello, yuck. But whatever. I met Ricky Gervais in New York. He had a group of girls fawning. Yes, he’s popular, and probably gay, but my interest level was somewhere between ho-hum and whatever. Paul Newman? Now, he was hot at any age. Robert Redford? Not-so-much. And there are a bunch of women who would disagree with me. I went through an Orlando Bloom, Legolas, phase and my girlfriends thought I had lost my mind. My sister preferred Viggo Mortensen’s Aragorn. I thought he needed a bath.

When you think of leading ladies, though. They all look the same. There’s the Marilyn Monroe “type”. So the current iteration is Scarlett Johannsen before she lost her boobs to that silly notion called fitness. There’s the dark-hair, dark-eyed type. There’s the exotic type. Go through the ages and the women fall into a classic category. There is even more sameness when it comes to body type. Boobs, waist, butt in nice proportion. Symmetrical facial features. Did I mention thin?

Who is the current Audrey Hepburn (the “pixie”)? Who is the current Princess Grace (the patrician blond)? Hint: Sharon Stone was. No doubt, there’s a current one. Go through the list. They women fall into a category and everyone recognizes them as beautiful.

A guy would simply say, “Yeah, I’d do her.” Does she think? Does she carry a conversation? Does it matter? She’s hot or she’s not.

So scientists can try to get down to the why of the wiring, but I don’t think the study, however shoddy, is off-base. Women dig guys for all sorts of reasons and good looks ain’t always one of them.

Well, he’s good looking to her. And that’s all that matters.

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