Orrin Hatch — Software Pirate & Pornographer?

Orrin Hatch — Software Pirate & Pornographer?: If you go to the Explore Utah section of Orrin Hatch’s website and click on the myUtahsearch.com button, you get forwarded to a porn page.

Has Hatch been hacked or is a staffer playing a little prank on him? In any case, I don’t mind seeing him get embarassed — again. Let’s see how long it takes for Hatch to get that taken off of his page…

***Update***: Original post: 12:17 — This post: 12:52 & it’s gone…lol. I’m sure the girls at “Big Naturals” will be terribly upset to have lost Senator Hatch’s support =D

***Update #2*** The porn link is still showing up in the Google Cache however.

***Update #3*** It looks the domain name for that search engine changed hands on 5/14/03. So that means Senator Hatch’s constituents were probably treated to six days of free porn before the link was yanked.

Here’s a little background research you may be interested in. The owner of that domain appears to be Tim Bach of Quicknet Communications — a man who has knocked heads with Prudential Insurance Company over domain names. Furthermore, a publication called Willamette Week Online claims that Tim Bach was actually involved in the “FBI National Computer Crime Squad’s first major probe” a few years back. If Willamette Week Online is correct, there was even a book written about this guy’s exploits called “@Large: The Strange Case of the World’s Biggest Internet Invasion.”

Hat Tip to Kalin of the Hundredth Monkey for pointing out that the domain name had recently changed hands.

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