Palin Is Dumb?

One of the lefty memes that has popped up about Sarah Palin is that she’s dumb. Some conservatives have even fallen for this and have quasi-accepted right off the bat that she’s not as bright as the guy who thinks there are 57 states or the guy who imagined that the United States and France kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon during a Vice-Presidential debate.


Don’t people realize that Democrats portray almost every Republican running for the presidency as either dumb or weird? According to liberals….

McCain: Weird
Palin: Dumb

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Bush: Dumb
Cheney: Weird

Dole: Weird.

Quayle: Dumb

Reagan: Dumb.

Notice a little trendline there? And it’s all BS, folks. The only truly weird or dumb people who can get that high in politics are Democrats — and the not particularly bright guy who pals around with terrorists and went to an anti-white, anti-American church for 20 years is a good example of it — because the mainstream media covers up for Democrats.

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