Paranoia — Jersey Style

Paranoia — Jersey Style: Amiri Bakara, the New Jersey Poet Laureatee who claimed that 4,000 Israeli workers stayed home on 9/11 was on Connie Chung last night. This guy is obviously the charter member of tinfoil hat club in New Jersey. In fact, he was so stark raving bonkers that even Connie Chung couldn’t pretend he wasn’t damaged goods. Here’s part of the transcript….

Baraka: Well, here’s the point. My intention was to show that not only did Israel know, because Israel — we’re talking about 9/11 — not only did Israel know, but the United States knew. Bush and company…

Chung: You’re saying that Israel and the United States knew…

Baraka: And Germany.

Chung: … that these attacks were going to occur?

Baraka: And Germany and France and Russia and England. And this is confirmed.

Chung: And you know that’s preposterous.

Baraka: Do I know it’s preposterous?

Chung: Yes.

Baraka: No, it’s not preposterous.


Chung: The Israelis did not know. The United States did not know.

Baraka: You know that’s not true. One of the reasons that what’s her name, McKinney, Cynthia McKinney, the congresswoman from Georgia, got put out is because she said the same thing. I have a press release of hers in my bag that says the same thing.

Chung: What evidence do you have?

Baraka: Do you know that the Democratic Party is saying the same thing?

Chung: The Democratic Party does not say that, sir.

Baraka: The Democratic Party does not say that Bush and company knew?

Chung: Knew that 9/11, the attacks were going to occur?

Baraka: Knew that 9/11 was coming, yes. They don’t say that?

Chung: They don’t say that.

Baraka: That’s not what they said last week, two weeks ago.

Chung: There have been reports. There have been committee hearings regarding it, but no.

Baraka: When they were saying they can’t connect the dots?

Chung: No.

Baraka: I think, though, you’re not reading closely. Maybe you hear what you want to here.

Chung: What evidence do you have?

Baraka: What evidence do the people who have said that have? What evidence does the Democratic Party? There is any number of articles on the Internet. You can check with any number of Israeli newspapers, “Haaretz”, “Yediot Aharonot,” Manar TV. You can check the Web site of Shevac (ph), the Israeli security. And what’s wild is that people like this company, for instance — and I’m not singling you out — you have huge mainframe computers. You can get this stuff with just a few taps of your fingers.

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