Paterson Plays the Race Card

Here’s a surprise: NY Governor David Paterson’s approval ratings aren’t in the cellar because he’s an incompetent moonbat, but because Whitey is racist:

The state’s first black governor … blamed his political woes — and those of President Obama — on a white-dominated media that he accused of taking part in an “orchestrated” attack campaign.

“We’re not in the post-racial period,” Paterson said in a freewheeling interview on the liberal talk-radio station WWRL. “My feeling is it’s being orchestrated, it’s a game, and people who pay attention know that.”

“We don’t have the kind of forces in the community that we had before, in other words, our black media outlets,” the Democratic governor continued.

Proving that there is nothing too stupid to fall out of Paterson’s mouth, he even accused the obsequious media of plotting against its beloved Chairman Zero:

“The next victim on the list — and you see it coming — is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than try to reform a health-care system … only because he’s trying to make change,” Paterson said.

Don’t think you have to be white to be racist against Paterson. Collaborating Uncle Toms are part of the insidious campaign against New York’s accidental governor:

He also took a shot at Dominic Carter, the African-American anchor of NY1’s “Inside City Hall.”

“I know he likes to ingratiate himself with folks, trying to beat up on elected officials from our community,” Paterson said.

Before long moonbats will snivel that even PBS’s Gwen Awful is a racist for not doing enough to prop up their faltering messiah.

david paterson
Governor Paterson searches for a clue.

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