Paul Ryan Talks About America Turning Toward “European-Style Socialism”


Paul Ryan, WI, is doing a great. Getting back to conservatism. Constitutional self-government. Here’s something I keep bringing up to people–Paul Ryan is hot. That’s important. We’re looking for future leaders of the party and the future leaders must hold to the right sort of ideals. That’s a start. But the man or woman needs to look good and communicate well. One criticism from an insider is that Ryan can tend to be “wonkish”. Eh. He’s cute. It comes across as smart. Really, his speech could have been shorter. But his form and the speech’s substance was encouraging.

Notable quotes:

“The laws of nature and the laws of God are the only touchstone…

“All human beings are created with natural rights to live, to be free…..

“The purpose of government is to secure these rights.

“From the suckers who follow the rules to those who live beyond their means.”

“It’s no wonder Democrats aren’t against raising taxes, they’re not paying taxes.”

There’s hope….

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