PETA Demands Fish Be Called “Sea Kittens”


PETA’s quest to make the world safe for seafood has inspired a new extreme of guffaw-inducing self-parody:

Radical international animal rights group PETA has launched its most bizarre campaign yet, demanding fish be renamed “sea kittens”.

PETA – People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals – believes calling fish sea kittens will make sea food less appealing.

It wants to change the image of fish as slimy and slithery creatures by claiming they are similar to cuter, more popular animals. “Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?” PETA asked on its website.

The sea kittens campaign is targeted at children, which is typical of militant moonbats, and of PETA in particular. Here’s a memento from a previous kiddy campaign — comic books intended to turn kids against their folks for devouring the flesh of murdered fish:


PETA even offers a book of sea kitten stories for moonbats to read to their offspring at bedtime. An example:

Tony the Trout is the smartest Sea Kitten in his school. Already litter-trained at 2 months old, Tony went on to double-major in neuroscience and environmental studies at Clamford University, eventually graduating with honors.

When Tony is caught and fed to a precocious young child who, having eaten one mercury-filled sea kitten too many, falls to the bottom of his class, the irony is not lost on him.

Now we know what future generations will be raised on, after classic fairy tales have been shoved down the memory hole for being politically incorrect.

Whether PETA’s propaganda keeps real kittens from poking their paws in the fishbowl in hopes of a catch remains to be seen.

Hat tips: American Thinker, Sweetness & Light. On tips from Karin and nanc. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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