Pics From Tea Parties Across The Country

Because there were so many tea parties and so many bloggers covering them, it really isn’t possible for me give them all the attention they deserve. So, what I decided to do instead is post some of the best pics I found from around the blogosphere,

From Urban Infidel at the New York Tea Party.

New York Tea Party

A twofer from The Berman Post at the New York Tea Party.

New York Tea Party

New York Tea Party

An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings at the Nashville Tea Party,

Nashville Tea Party

Poor Richard’s News at the Nashville Tea Party,

Nashville Tea Party

From Tom Guleff: Joe Citizens at the Memphis Tea Party,

Memphis Tea Party

RWN guest blogger Kathleen McKinley & RWN blogger Melissa Clouthier at the Houston Tea Party courtesy of RightWingSparkle,

Houston Tea Party

From the Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party by The Asian Badger,

Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party

From Founding Bloggers, a pic from the Chicago Tea Party,

Chicago Tea Party

From The Arkansas Project at the Little Rock Tea Party,

Little Rock Tea Party

From Change Barack! at the Dallas Tea Party,

Dallas Tea Party

From All American Blogger at the Kansas City Tea Party,

Kansas City Tea Party

From Russ. Just Russ, at the Raleigh Tea Party,

Raleigh Tea Party

RWN week-end blogger Cassy Fiano spoke at the Jacksonville Tea Party,

Jacksonville Tea Party

From Ace of Spades HQ at the Lafayette, Indiana Tea Party,

Lafayette, Indiana Tea Party

Also see lots more pics at Smart Girl Politics and lots more tea party links at Media Mythbusters.

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