Poll Results: Have You Voted Yet?

Yesterday, I put up a poll asking how many of RWN’s readers are going to vote and I was a little surprised at the results,

Have you voted yet?

Yes, I have already voted: 41%
No, I’m voting Election Day: 56%
No, I’m not voting: 3%

So, 97% of RWN’s readers vote? There’s another reason the guys with deep pockets in the conservative movement should want to see blogs take off: if our readers are voting in those numbers, wouldn’t it be good for conservatism and the Republican party to have more people reading our blogs?

PS: If you’re voting, I hope you’re pulling the level for McCain/Palin if only so that you can slap one of those “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” bumper stickers on your car if Obama gets in and starts methodically ruining the country.

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