Here are some interesting poll numbers. I provide my explanation below.

According to the Washington Post-ABC News Poll:

35% of Americans consider themselves Conservatives, while only 23% consider themselves liberal.

Nevertheless, 21% of Americans consider themselves Republicans, while 35% consider themselves Democrats.

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According to Rasmussen:

41% of Americans would vote for their district’s Republican candidate while 38% would choose the Democrat.

Thirty-one percent (31%) of conservative Democrats said they would vote for their district’s Republican candidate.

So what can we learn from these polls?

The fact of the matter is that there are more conservatives in America than Republicans. However, even if someone considers themselves a conservative, the Republican brand is so tarnished they refuse to call themselves a Republican. Nobody wants to be on the losing team it appears.

Still, if it came to a vote today, many Americans would show up to the polls to vote for the Republican while holding their noses. Essentially this means that improving the Republican brand even slightly will lead to large gains in 2010. Let us hope the America people will pay more attention to the disaster that is taking place in Washington.

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