Post 2008 Election. Palin/Chambliss 1. Martin/Obama 0.

In the closing days of an election in Georgia that was thought to be as close as 2 points a week ago, Saxby Chambliss attached himself at the hip to Sarah Palin.

On the other hand, his opponent Jim Martin launched robocalls from Barack Obama and spent his time with rappers Ludacris, Young Jeezy, & T.I. (Whose song No Matter What is one of my all-time faves).

Yo, yo, yo it's Martin for Senate, G!

Personally, I thought bringing Palin out at the close of the election was a stroke of genius by Chambliss and campaigning with a bunch of obscene rappers was a horrible idea, but as the ultra-geniuses in DC keep reminding everyone, all political wisdom comes from inside-the-beltway, so I must have been mistaken.

Yet and still, they had the runoff election last night and a contest that was very close on election day turned into a twenty plus point blow-out.

So, in their first proxy fight since the November election, the moose killer blew out the liberal thriller. Go Palin/Chambliss!

PS: The only reason there was a run-off vote in the first place was that a significant number of Republican voters pulled the lever for a Libertarian candidate as a protest against Chambliss’ being soft on illegal immigration. In other words, had Chambliss taken the conservative position on illegal immigration all along, he would have won the election outright back in November. Instead, he had to risk a 2nd vote.

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