President Obama: Caesar

Well, in the scheme of scheming back-door dealing, this is small taters, yet the story is indicative of how the President rolls. And he rolls with style, my friends. Yesterday, he spent hob-knobbing with the hoi-paloi in Beverly Hills, California.

And here we have his digs in Las Vegas. A few questions via the LA Times blog:

“The particular suite President Obama stayed in is priceless.”

What does that mean?

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Well, it probably means that Caesars only comps out the room to high rollers and occasionally major celebrities. Therefore the suite is literally “priceless,” as the response indicates. (Though really that means the price would be roughly some guy who plays two hands of blackjack simultaneously at $45,000 a hand for three hours straight.) Obama falls into the major celebrity category (meaning Madonna and Oprah would rate the comp as well). Besides, if the suite was priceless before, imagine its singular worth — being able to say to the biggest gamblers at the casino (and, high rollers are notoriously status- obsessed folk) with the offer of the comp: “The president slept here.” How much is that worth to Caesars?

So, I do not think the taxpayers paid for the room. And, if the Reid campaign paid, then Caesars would have to create a dollar amount on a suite that is technically “priceless,” which I again interpret to mean not for rent to the public like a regular hotel room.

So, did the president get special treatment? Yes, I think that is safe to say; President Obama was not like another citizen guest registering in the lobby and somehow lucking out on this room assignment. This was a major celebrity. And, of course, the real reason to draw attention to these sorts of rooms is always the whale players. And, the president has drawn a lot of attention to the room, even praising it while here.

Was the president likely comped, because the casino hoped to influence the nation’s most powerful politician about, say, online gambling or some other issue? No way. I am guessing the president was likely comped for the most Vegas of reasons: because he is among the biggest celebrities in the world. Now, his name can be invoked and dropped to impress high rollers, leaving a tiny presidential gift to the Las Vegas economy.

Gotta love how President Obama and his super-mega cool entourage don’t even try to pass the smell test. You’re just lucky to smell him, oh little tax payer. Oh, and pay for his caviar dreams. Or not. Can’t figure out who’s paying for what, but I’m a guessin’ it all comes back to you.

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