President Obama’s Marxist Impulse

Why does President Obama wind up on the wrong side of history? Between North Korea shooting rockets (ignoring it), blood on the streets of Iran and public hangings for those desiring freedom (bland indifference) and near civil war in Honduras (actively encouraging the communist, drug lord thugocracy), President Obama is establishing some interesting credentials. In every single case, he’s siding with dictators, law-breakers, and murderers.


There are few pictures of Obama in full, glorious, heart-warming smiles. But he’s had a couple notable ones:

Chavez Obama handshake

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Why would President Obama be so sunshiny with despots and so miserable with leaders of free countries? Why would President Obama be comfortable attending a racist church bent on scape-goating Jews and “the other”.

Fundamentally, it seems that President Obama believes the tyrants are tyrants because the world made them that way in much the same way society “creates” criminals. So it’s not the individual’s choices that make the man, it’s the society that makes the individual who makes choices he can’t help but to make.

So a guy like Chavez or Kim or Ahmedinijad or Hussein does what he does in response to the world-wide oppression. Can Obama blame them? No, he can’t. He can’t even judge them, because, you know, who knows what that man’s experience is like, man? Who am I to judge?

Oh, there’s the little details of starving your own citizens (Kim), hanging gays and shooting innocent girls at point-blank range (Ahmedinijed), gathering a whole town, shooting them, and burying them or using chemical warfare on an ethnic population (Hussein) or destroying the economy methodically and taking over all private business for the state (Chavez). Still, all these decisions were made for the Greater Good.

And here in America, lots of decisions are being made in service to the Greater Good. The impulse is the same. If people would just realize that these state-run policies were for there own good. Why do they fight it so? The fact is, President Obama believes he knows what is best for the whole and wants everyone to submit. The only trouble comes when there is dissent.

When leftists get power, the power that they previously hated they exploit. The very means they decry become tools for their own domination (the Fed, wire tap, etc.). A lifetime nursing discontent and the sense of being wronged leads to a sense of entitlement when power does come. The government becomes the tool for seeking “fairness”.

Fairness, in the case of these different countries President Obama is friendly toward, means dominating everyone equally except for the select few favored and privileged. President Obama sees friends and like-minded leaders in these countries. That’s a disturbing thought.

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