President Obama’s Trifecta Of Doom

Card Check, Cap-n-Trade and Government Run Health Care together create the Trifecta of Doom. Layer these inane policies on top of a suffering and quite nearly destroyed economy and America will be decimated economically for a very long time–maybe forever. And yet, the Democrats, like good little socialists, march on toward destruction paying no heed to the reality in front of them.

Last night on O’Reilly guest-hosted by Juan Williams, Alan Colmes talked about “long term thinking”. Newsflash, environmentalists, there will be no long term, if people don’t survive in the short term.

Right now, people are losing jobs at an alarming rate. The Stimulus isn’t working. Here are the newest jobless stats. Calculated Risk has some good charts and explanations and says:

Nonfarm payrolls decreased by 467,000 in June. The economy has lost almost 5.7 million jobs over the last year, and 6.46 million jobs during the 18 consecutive months of job losses.

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The unemployment rate rose to 9.5 percent; the highest level since 1983.

Year over year employment is strongly negative.

Tigerhawk waxes nostalgic:

The unemployment rate is at 9.5%, the highest it has been since August 1983, the summer after I graduated from college. I was between Princeton and law school, and found a job selling something called The International Directory of Software over the telephone to “data processing centers” around the country. My classmates who were looking for real jobs that year generally got slaughtered, unless they were engineers. We’ve been running scared ever since, especially compared to people who graduated during the boom that followed.

Ed Morrissey says that Obama’s “porkulus policies” have “utterly failed:”

Three months ago, Obama bragged that his stimulus had begun to create a “rush” to hire construction workers. Since then, the construction industry has lost over 120,000 jobs, and this month’s report shows that trend accelerating at a season when construction should normally be hiring.

Now, layer onto all this an uncompetitive business environment (Card Check), more taxes on businesses and middle class families (Cap-n-Trade), and the biggest entitlement addition to the Federal Government ever (Government-run health care). Health Care alone will cost one trillion dollars to cover only 1/3 of the uninsured.

The Detroit News has an interesting editorial about Cap-n-Trade:

A study released in March by four professors hosted by the University of Illinois casts a great deal of doubt about green job creation.

The academics found claims of green jobs to be unsubstantiated or overstated, and that energy mandates will likely kill more jobs in other industries than they create.

The report also warns that strict government demands for renewable energy sources — the cap-and-trade bill requires 20 percent of energy production be from renewables — and bans on more plentiful and reliable sources such as coal will choke off growth and risk leaving the country in the dark.

There’s also considerable disagreement about the cost of the cap-and-trade bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it to be a mere $175 a household. But the conservative Heritage Foundation pegs it at $3,000 per household, which seems more realistic considering the impact on energy and fuel prices.

This is not a job creation bill and it won’t revive the economy.

It’s a bill, according to the professors, that would “lead to restructuring and possibly impoverishing our society.” Senators should acknowledge that possibility before casting their vote.

Cap-N-Trade is no more about job creation than government run health care is about medical innovation. Cap-n-Trade will hamstring the U.S. economy and “level the playing field” among all other Western Democracies. We’ll suck as bad as they do. It’s also about appeasing the Green Lobby.

It is difficult to imagine a more effective way of decimating the American economy more quickly than President Barack Obama’s policies. The combination of a Democrat house and Democrat President with filibuster-proof majorities is fearsome to behold.
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